Lighting keys: Enlarge each space in your house

The lighting is a very important aspect in the house, almost as much or more than decoration. In this article we tell some keys to properly illuminate every room of your home. Take note and test.

Living room
The living room should be flexible enough to allow for circulation and cleaning, as well as having various activities that can range from watching television to working or reading.

lighting keys

Keep in mind that the materials and colors of the ceiling, walls and curtains will also influence when defining and designing the lighting environment: the darker they are, the greater must be the light present in the place to get an optimal environment.

If what you’re looking for more of a space where relax, remember that the warm tones of light propitiate it. Use the light to highlight the textures of space: bricks, concrete, stones, etc. If they are at floor level, they will have a theatrical and more enigmatic effect, although you can also opt for floor lamps or wall sconces.

If the space is small, it is advisable to create a play of light and shadows to give more volume and greater feeling of depth. For this purpose, located ceiling lamps that grant a general lighting. In addition, you can add floor lamps or table lamps for a more enveloping effect. In case of having specific spaces for reading or working, spot lamps can be placed.

Dining room
In this case, it is desirable to generate a spotlight, also useful for any other activity that may have on the table, besides eating. The advice is to locate it at a height of between 70 centimeters and 1.20 meters from the surface of the table so that it is well focused and well illuminated. As additional light, they can be placed wall sconces or recessed spot lights in the ceiling.

Choose warm, well-toned lights. Tip: To prevent it from bothering, avoid bulbs that give directly to the eyes.

lighting keys

The kitchen
Here the light will have to be basically practical and functional: it combines general light in the center with a ceiling lamp or spot lights. To see well in the countertop area where you cook, place a cool light in the low cupboard. For the area of daily dining room, the best will be a warm light.