How to decorate with artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have been used as a popular decor accessory for a long time. They are the perfect addition to a wedding or feminine themed party. Get those in various shades be it dark or pastel hued for a soft and romantic finish to any event.

artificial flowers

While there are many types of artificial flowers available in the market, it can be confusing for the first time decorator to choose the right ones for specific occasion. This article gives the top tips to help ensure you get the ideal floral match for your decorating purposes.

Do your research: If you have a particular theme in mind for your event, it is vital that everything from the decor to the food and clothing should complement it so that everything works together seamlessly. Take pictures of the flowers you plan on using when you go shopping so it makes it easier to ask for something similar from the sales representative. This will also save time as you won’t be wandering around the shops browsing all the selections available.

Think about the fabric: Most artificial flowers look the best when they are made from silk so it’s important to go to a physical store and actually see and feel the fabric of the flowers so you know you are getting the real deal. If you are opting for succulents, go for cacti as they look the most life like. You will be getting something that looks like the real thing for the fraction of the price.

Plan the floral arrangement: Floral arrangements need practice and have a specific technique in order for it to look natural and eye catching. Look at some photos of different floral arrangements online or browse some home decor magazines for some inspiration. Try to copy and practice these arrangements for the first few times and then once you get the hang of it, you can improvise and try some different techniques.

Use real vases and pots: If you plan on making your floral arrangements look as real as possible, the trick is to use high quality pots and vases. This accompanied with thoughtful arrangement of the flowers will fool anyone into thinking it looks like flowers you picked from your own garden.

Rotate your arrangements: If your decor is at home, try to mix it up and swap the places of the floral arrangements so it looks fresh and adds a different look to the room its placed in. Small changes like changing your floral arrangements, curtains or cushion covers can really uplift and enlighten a room, giving it a new lease of life.

Clean your floral decor: The difference between fresh and artificial flowers is that the latter does not wilt and die. However they do gather dust and that’s a dead giveaway that your decor is not the real thing. In order to keep your bright blooms looking their best, spritz them regularly with water to ensure they look clean and fresh.

Follow the above tips to ensure you use artificial flowers the right way and have some really gorgeous looking decorations.