How to decorate a simple and comfortable hall

This time we want to deal with the entrance area to the home and how to decorate a simple and comfortable hall, incorporating only some decorative elements and minimal furniture so to compose a functional environment and at the same time, print style to stay.

simple hall

When we will choose the furniture and accessories that decorate the hall can be a good idea to do it from the concept of perceiving the house as a whole, and where the lobby is part of it. Thus, the aesthetics that take this room will have points in common with the rest of the rooms.

Since this is a passing space, the elements that conform must meet special needs, and generally are not many and varied. Typically, in this room or corner, had to enter and leave our homes, it can be the ideal place to store small accessories such as keys, glasses, handbags and coats.

Taking into account this is to organize a practical and comfortable Hall only we will need some furniture that is functional, and also join the aesthetics.

The trick is to choose the accessories and furniture wisely, so that from a proper selection get a seating area that offers us a nice visual sense and with appropriate save space.

We must then pay attention to the habits of life of every home and family, and from this we can determine the amount of furniture and storage space required by the lobby. A simple coat rack, a large shoe cabinet, baskets bags, a seat to change shoes, etc.

Then we have to choose the models and designs of furniture and accessories, benches or stools, chairs, coat racks, rugs, cushions, lamps, can choose among a wide variety of options that will allow us to create an interior to match the decor of the rest of the house, or completely different, unique and charming.