Hallway decoration with vintage touch

When looking for the decoration of house stands out for its style and elegance of certain elements, a foyer or hall could dress with vintage touches. This style can be printed to an environment through decorative accessories and furniture.

vintage touch hall

The vintage style can be created to any room in a house, and if the choice is the hall or foyer, there are several ideas that will implement it, giving the atmosphere with a personal touch.

For example, in a lobby where white is the protagonist, and seeks to incorporate other times furniture, a good idea is to intervene them, and painted with some finishing in the range of the target. This is achieved by a vintage style furniture is suited to the decor of a stay in particular of a home.

Any piece of vintage furniture, adds the charm of the old, other times to ambient air are ideal for printing character and personality to areas of the house, which sometimes are a bit forgotten in terms of aesthetics.

The variety of furniture that evokes this style, allows models that better conform to the dimensions of each hall, something very important, since not always it is a question of a wide stay.

A console or an old but updated shelf could be some of the options to turn a simple entrance hall, a functional space with new style.

Among the decorative objects that incorporate vintage aesthetics to a hall, from simple elements to find original pieces that add charm to the environment, and can also be very practical.

An old mirror frame or a table lamp or an elegant chandelier, as well a phone that reproduces the forms of the past, are alternatives that make possible to bring the vintage style to an entrance area, and adding to comfort the stay.