Easy Touches for Redecorating before Christmas

If you find yourself desperate to redecorate, why not make it your mission to do so before the Christmas decorations go up. You have a good few weeks to get everything done, and then after that, all that will be left is to enjoy the holidays. A few simple touches can be enough to totally rejuvenate your home and leave it feeling fresh. Try some of the following ideas to get you started.

redecorating before christmas

Artwork and photos

If you feel like your walls are too bare and could do with a little magic touch, it is time to get your hammer and nails out to hang up some artwork. If you fancy yourself as an amateur artist, get your old paintings out and frame them! Alternatively, think about printing some of your favourite photos of friends and family. All too rarely do we bother taking our photos off the computer and putting them on our walls. Lastly, if you have kids, why not get their work framed and turned into something they are proud of? Whatever your project, Best4Frames offer a great range of beautiful frames. You will find something for any project.

Feature Wall

Some people think that to make your house look completely new is to redecorate everything. Whilst this is true to an extent, there are ways to stop yourself from spending too much money on renovations. A feature wall adds amazing freshness to any house. You can think about adding a burst of colour to an otherwise plain room. Or how about utilising wallpaper to add a patterned effect?

Look after the garden

We are at the time of the year where the weather hasn’t quite turned to its worst just yet. It is the perfect time to make sure your garden is looking spectacular so that come spring you won’t have to do much to it. If you are worried about plants dying during the winter months, think about planting all-year round perennials. This way you won’t feel as though you have neglected your garden.

Turn something old into something new

If you love to get creative, let your redecoration project fulfil this passion. Breathe new life into old furniture by upcycling it. Maybe you have an old table that is dying for a lick of paint. Or why not become a bit more ambitious and totally recreate an item. You could reupholster a chair or turn an old bookcase into a brand new entertainment centre.


Ok, this idea isn’t necessarily redecorating, but it is one that can give your home a totally new lease of life. So much of the time we let our houses become consumed by our junk that we can hardly recognise it! There are so many ways to make sure you don’t become a hoarder. Firstly, you can upcycle as mentioned above. Secondly, you can sell on or throw away the things you don’t need anymore. Lastly, you can put anything you want to keep, but don’t have immediate use for, into storage.