DIY autumn decoration: Decorate with empty shells

Home decorating is a very rewarding activity that we can do in our spare time. Especially if we do things with our hands, we will feel happy to see the result of our success. A good idea is to take advantage of the empty shells to make accessories that add freshness to the home.

Decorate with empty shells

Here are some DIY ideas for Decoration with empty shells:


You can make a aromatic Potpourri with nutshell and wooden sticks, cones, spices, apples pods, flower petals, scented oils and leaves.

The ingredients must be dry for potpourri goes well. Potpourri can put in a glass vase and thus decorate your bathroom or bedroom.

eggshells decoration


The first thing you should do is empty the eggs, for that you have to click the eggs with a needle. To paint the eggs, use a brush and different colors.

And when the paint is dry, you can decorate with wool or cardboard. You can also make funny figures of animals, people or fruits.

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Orange peel

Cut oranges and leaves empty shells, then remove the white skin with a knife, and placed into round molds to make boxes. When the shells take shape, secure with a rubber band and let it dry for a few days.

If necessary you will have to level them or alter them with the knife. Then you have to decorate the shells to your liking, and then painted with colors of your choice. You can also make flowers with orange peels and dishes and decorate for special dinners.

orange peel decoration

Coconut shells

Use coconut shells to create a pot. Removes the pulp and dried leaves, you should also make small holes in the pot, then fill with soil and plant a seed. You can also do a jeweler, a doll and even a piggy bank.

Lemon peels

You can do candle holder with lemons peels. Just remove the pulp, and introducing wax, dried lavender, and wicks.