Decorate your home with bamboo

Decorating with bamboo has infinite possibilities, and it is a decorative element that is perfect in every corner. The bamboo will provide housing a Zen touch, so you control the harmony of the home, creating a space where you feel comfortable and you’ll be contributing to the environment.

decorating with bamboo

Bamboo has its origin in tropical Asia, and it is a giant plant of which there are more than 1300 species. Bamboo is very light, and in China it represents fertility and joy. In the decoration of the home brings freshness. It is an inexpensive material, so it is committed to achieve a unique design.

A good idea to achieve an elegant environment is to place four bamboo sticks in a wicker basket or in a ceramic vase, so it will look like a plant. And if you like the ethnic decoration, bamboo allows much play in the creation of stays, for example, the roof can be decorate with bamboo, so it will look like a real African hut. The bamboo can also be used in the separation of spaces.

You can create a bamboo screen, and if your bedroom is large, you can create two different environments using bamboo poles to look like a wall. With bamboo you can differentiate between the dining room and television space. And if you have a very large empty wall, added bamboo, so it will look a picture or placed some rods on shelves.

And if you want to go further, and you will reform the home, you can use the bamboo for the floors, windows, furniture and doors. In the kitchen you can put bamboo cabinets, and if you are creative, bamboo is also used for tableware, rugs, frames for pictures, plants for the terrace, etc.