Create your personal space to read or study

Any place in the house is valid to create a cozy space, and to enjoy a little pleasure such as reading a good novel, or have a glass of tea. You have to personalize that space of the house, you can locate it in your room, in the garden, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, or wherever you want.

create personal space

Ideas to locate your space for rest

Under the stairs: It is an ideal space to use as a refuge and escape from the world, while listening to records or read your favorite books. It is important to have good lighting, if you do not have windows in that area of the house.

In the living room: You can have a special space, decorate with what you like most: books, plants, flowers, lamps, or baskets. You can take advantage if you have a window, natural light. It is important that the decoration has functional accessories, and warm colors that relax the environment.

create personal space

An L-shaped space: You can choose an L-shaped space, inside the bedroom, or in the living room, it is a comfortable and tidy design, which has two walls on which you can place shelves, bookstores. You can add cushions if you have little space, an auxiliary table, plants.

Next to a window: Simulating the Nordic style, placing a comfortable seat such as a pouf, a single chair, or a chair with cushions. The ideal in this case is that the furniture is made of wood, or in neutral colors such as gray or white. A carpet would be perfect for this decoration as it feels nice to the touch.

Garden or Terrace: If you prefer a natural style and you like a cool and pleasant atmosphere, you can create this corner on the terrace, or in the garden. It is valid to use colors like: lilac, pink, green water, yellow. It would be great to add pots with vases, or to delight you if you have plants in the place.

On the floor itself: To maintain a free spirit, without anything limiting us, we added printed cushions to create a comfortable and daring space. With good lighting, near a window that brings light, shine, and warmth, to the cozy place for rest.

It is important to take advantage of space, and be creative … You will have: your personal place without leaving home!