An awning can extend your living space

There are generally two kinds of people in the world: First, there’s the kind who, when summer weather hits, throw on their tank tops and shorts, don sunglasses and head outside to bask in the sun’s rays. The other kind of people are those who want to enjoy the fresh air and relaxation that summer days have to offer, but don’t want to bake under the summer sun. By adding an awning to your backyard deck, you can indulge the preferences of both camps.

awning in deck

As an added bonus, an awning will keep the sun’s ray’s from damaging your deck and fading your patio furniture. How? Without an awning, your deck is exposed to the elements such as sun, rain, heat, and humidity every day of the year. What can happen over time is that your deck can start to warp, discolor, peel and fade, making it look beaten down and even neglected. When you install an awning over your deck, you form a barrier between the damaging rays of the sun and your deck, thereby protecting it from damage and extending its lifespan. Whether you love the heat or prefer the shade, an awning will ensure that the deck on which you enjoy the summer looks great and serves its purpose for years down the road.

Awnings are a blessing for those who want to be outside but prefer not to be in full sun and heat. More than just blocking out the sun’s rays, deck awnings are also designed to block out solar heat. That means that when your deck has an awning, you can stay both cool and shaded, while still enjoying the fresh summer air. You’ll never again experience scorched feet when you step out on to your deck in bare feet! That’s a particularly useful bonus when have kids who may accidentally head outside in bare feet.

When it comes to looking for the right awning Boucherville residents, there are so many choices out there that customers are virtually guaranteed to find something that matches their personal taste and preferences. A general rule is to choose an awning that complements your home, either in style or colour (or both). Choose a colour scheme that either blends into your home’s siding or brick or one that offers a complementary colour or pattern. Think of your awning like functional jewellery for your home!

If the heat and sun of summer have kept you from using your deck as fully as you could, adding an awning is a great solution. An awning will keep your deck area cool and shaded, allowing you and your family to enjoy the deck all through the summer and into the fall months.