A secure power supply at home

Electricity is probably the most important in our home installation. Maintenance and follow safety guidelines are vital as an electrical network in poor condition can cause a serious accident or a fire and damage our home.

Therefore, we should keep in mind some basic safety:

secure power supply

Avoid wetlands
Water and electricity do not mix very well, so we must ensure not use wetlands electrical appliances. If we don’t have any choice, it is good practice to do it barefoot and wet. We will dry and dry shoes. We will not disconnect the devices pulling the cable; always will pull the plug straight and firmly. Similarly, the plugging assured that the plug is fully inserted.

If we use several strips in the same socket, not connect many devices with large consumption. If you connect an appliance that produces heat, not connect anything else to the same jack or it will overload with risk of fire. We will not have wires on the walkways, as we stumble and fall down or pulling the plug cable with risk of shorting.

We will not use frayed or spliced cables. If we have any, we’ll change it as soon as possible, because we must remember that the tape is a temporary remedy. We also have to familiarize ourselves with limiting the closet because if we skip some, it may be a symptom of a default and, if we know what the jumping area is, it will be easier to locate the fault.

We periodically tight the screws of the limiters to prevent bad contacts, and will press from time to time the test button of the distinguishing one, so we will make sure it works properly. If ever the test fails, we will replace it immediately the distinguishing one by one of the suitable current (0.030 A). And, most importantly, for any repair or manipulation will cut the power outlet. If we have doubts, it is best to consult an expert.