A must in decoration: Home in blue

The decor in blue is ideal in certain environments and even types of stays. For example, a house on the beach where the blue is the protagonist is a choice of the wisest. In this type of construction this color may be present in items such as decorations, doors or walls, which will give a Mediterranean touch.

home in blue

As we say, a time to decorate in blue has to think what kind of change we want to do at home. If we change the furniture we can note that this tone is suitable for parts such as a sofa, coffee table or even a chair design with which we seek to give a different touch to the room.

If, on the contrary, we want to change the color of the walls and we are determined to paint blue it has to bear in mind the different ranges within this tone exist. And the fact is that the more darker tones end up by reducing light to the stay, so if your room or house to be painted is not very big, it is best to choose by the range of lighter blue.

In case for what you look is to decorate with accessories you will also have several possibilities. The advantage will obtain in this regard is that it is more affordable than can be to change the furniture or the color of the walls. Well, nothing likes playing with textiles, tables or even a table lamp to redirect all the glances of the stay.

Make a budget and see what can best fit into the decor and type of house you have to introduce new elements in blue.