A Few Ways You Should Invigorate Your Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of digital nomads and flexible working hours and arrangements, and this increase in popularity has also caused some interesting design touches and innovations to be made that are centred around improving the core co-working experience. In this article, we take a look at a few of the most popular design approaches to co-working spaces that might want to look into introducing into your own!

co-working space

Keeping it casual

When it comes to office interior design in Melbourne, trends move at a very fast rate indeed. Even in the last few years, the popularity of shared working spaces has paved the way for some very interesting ideas, whether experienced through budding entrepreneurs, digital innovators in the start-up space or the ever-increasing number of people looking to freelancing and contract work rather than typical full-time and part-time gigs.

These people have very particular and special needs when it comes to an office space, and potentially the most important is the need for a space that caters to a constantly revolving group of people coming in and out of the premises. For this reason, new spaces are very regularly built with floating desks in mind to ensure that both smaller companies and solo workers can both use the space in the most effective way possible. In doing this, those running co-working spaces need to also demonstrate to prospective workers that they aren’t going to be jammed in a sardine-like working environment, and as a result there is usually a push for a more causal atmosphere.

Introducing the right facilities

In addition to wide and breezy open spaces, there is still a need to cater for the needs of those either having meetings with clients or smaller companies having their own meetings. Co-working spaces therefore need to introduce meetings rooms that are both small and versatile to ensure that all necessary needs are catered for.

When prospective tenants come in to view a co-working space, they will often take note of interior designs the meetings rooms to understand whether they are suited to both junior and senior members of staff – considering that start-ups can have very different needs, this can be a very tall order!

Similarly, all work and no play can negatively impact the mental health of workers, so the introduction of break out spaces can help foster a sense of community, collaboration and recreation. The spaces can also be valuable for more casual meetings and as a way for busy workers to separate themselves from intensive work, if only for a moment. Because break out areas are often so immediately obvious to visitors, there should be particular attention paid to their development.

How co-working spaces may change in the future

If the recent movement is any indication, co-working spaces will continue to evolve as the new needs of a changing workforce also develop. There is also much more intense competition due to the potential for those running co-working spaces to make excellent profit – with this healthy competition also comes the potential to create better office spaces as spaces vie for the attention of start-ups and freelancers all over the country. If you plan to create your own space for start-ups, this should be good food for thought.