8 super good tips to keep floors shiny

When designing a house, you always have to think about all the elements and details that make it up, from the floor to the ceilings. It is very important to know the different types of floors such as wood floors, ceramic floors, epoxy floors, marvel floors, floating floor that exist for interiors; in order to provide more services and expand their businesses. Floors often get relegated to the list of priorities in a design, perhaps because they are not so in view, but we all know that a good floor design or that the same selection of material that is made can make a big difference.

keep floors shiny

Today we are going to present 8 tips for floors of different materials, so that they always look fantastic and embellish your home.

Wood flooring

The wooden floor will always make the house look amazing, with a great warmth and a unique home feel. At present, we can find several products for cleaning and maintenance, without the need to call a professional to help us in this task.

Cement floor

The cement floor is ideal for creating a much more modern or industrial environment. The care of these types of floors will depend on their finish, since if it is a rustic type, it does not require much maintenance, but if it is a polished finish, a little more care is required, such as using special oils or liquids so that it is always shiny and well protected.

Marble floor

The nobility and elegance of the marble are ideal for creating luxurious and very solemn environments. Its variety of colors and textures allow it to adapt to different types of designs inside a house.

These floors require a little more special care, so it is advisable to polish and clean them with equipment and products specially designed for marble floor.


Tile is one of the most popular flooring materials that exist, especially for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. This type of floors has an easy maintenance, since just sweep and cleans them to look always fantastic.

Marble with design

This type of floors has a special tincture that comes from the factory, which is not recommended for cleaning or polishing with any cleaning product. Water and soap are enough to keep it clean, but if it requires shine, it is preferable to hire a specialist.

Carpets & Rugs

The carpet is very versatile, as it comes in a multitude of color options and designs, making it a perfect ally for designers. Carpets require constant cleaning as they catch a lot of dust, which can easily be achieved with a vacuum cleaner.

Ceramic floor

The ceramic floor features designs and patterns that give a vintage touch to any space in which it is applied, making it one of many favorites.

This type of floors is recommended to keep it always clean with any cleaning products found in supermarkets.

Floating floor

Floating wood floors have become quite popular in recent years, since they are easy to install, have the aesthetic quality of the wood and can be easily cleaned with water and soap, or if required, with some detergent.