5 recommended colors to paint the walls of the dining room

Regardless of whether you are in a separate room, next to the living room or attached to the kitchen, the dining room is a place that has a lot of importance in the house, since here we are shared good times with family and friends. Therefore, we must decorate this area carefully, paying special attention to the choice of colors, and not only because it influence the perception of space, but because it also has much influence on the mood of the inhabitants of the house.

The normal thing is that if the dining room is attached to the living room or to the kitchen, be painted the same colors as these environments to generate continuity. Of course, you can also bet to differentiate this space using other tones for the walls. To lend a hand with the decoration of this area of the home, today we will recommend five colors that may be very suitable to paint the walls of the dining room. Would you like to join us?

white dining room

First, we want to talk about white, a color very used to paint the walls of the house due to its many advantages: it is light, extends the space visually, never goes out of style, combined with all kinds of colors, and fits perfectly in environments of all styles… If your dining room is small or has little natural light, painting the walls in white can be a great idea, especially if you are going to praise yourself for the Nordic decor.

The only problem with using the white on the dining room walls is that it can cause the room to be too cold. That if, this can be solved introducing elements in warm tones or of wood. In addition, you can always opt by another neutral and soft tone that allows you to expand the space visually and give luminosity as, for example, cream, beige or other light earth tones. Although these are tonalities that are usually used in classic and rustic environments, the truth is that these can also fit in more modern spaces.

red dining room

Few people dare to use the red to paint the walls of the home, something that does not surprise us, since it is a color that has too much strength. In addition, some experts say that may be too stimulating. Of course, it has to be taken into account that it is a warm tone that can make the dining room a very cozy place. In addition, it is said that it opens the appetite. Bright and strong tones are ideal for modern and avant-garde dining rooms, while soft ones such as coral, peach or salmon fit perfectly into rustic and elegant decorations.

Another color that can open the appetite is orange, which is not often used in the home, especially if we refer to the walls. One of the great advantages of orange is that it brings joy and energy to the home. Also, it is also warm and inviting. On the other hand, you should know that it reflects the light, so it can enhance the luminosity. If you seem a color too daring, you can always choose to use it only on one wall and paint the others with neutral tones.

Finally, we want to talk about gray, the color of the moment with permission of greenery. Gray is timeless and very versatile, so you can use it in rooms of all styles, achieving extremely elegant surroundings. You can choose both light gray and dark gray, although the latter are only recommended for large rooms that receive lots of natural light.