Boost the Value of Your Home with New Doors

Doors play a very important role in your home; firstly, because they control who can come inside, and secondly in the way they separate spaces and make them private. If you are looking to sell your home, then looking at your doors is essential.

home with new doors

In a competitive real estate market, you need to take advantage of every angle possible to make sure your property stands out from other homes for sale in the neighborhood. There are lots of sources out there that share the usual handy tips like tidy the yard, clear up any clutter inside, and of course, bake cookies, but something that is often overlooked is the difference having good doors, both interior and exterior, can make.

The bonus is that replacing doors can be a fast and budget friendly fix that more than pays for itself when you secure a sale, so it is a win-win situation.

Start at the Entrance
It makes sense to cast a critical eye over the first thing a prospective buyer will see – your front door. You could clean and paint it, but if it is old fashioned and worn, that is the impression others will get of the entire house, so it may make more sense to change it for something more modern.

Does it look sturdy and secure? Home security is something that matters to most people, even if the neighborhood is peaceful. If you plan to replace it, choose something attractive but solid.

Update Your Interior Doors
You may not have given much thought to the doors inside your home before, but subconsciously they play a part in the way the overall environment presents itself to visitors.

Experts claim that a simple switch between flat and raised panel interior doors can be enough to update and positively transform the look of your property, an easy fix to boost the final dollar value. Always choose the best quality doors you can afford, as the heavier, more luxurious feel, and sound proofing side effect of those made from solid material mean they are often considered superior to flimsier, hollow doors.

Closets Need Love Too
The best style of door for a closet is one that is both functional while also making the most of the space in the room. Only you can decide on the benefits of sliding versus folding or regular swing open doors, but if you need help installing them properly it is best to look for a local company with experience in the door trade.

Brighten the Bathroom
For instant ‘buy appeal’ ditch the moldy old shower curtain or old fashioned shower door and replace it with something bright and modern. From clear, to frosted or even patterned, there’s no need to have a dowdy bathroom.

Don’t Forget the Pet Doors!
If you have an old style cat or dog door that is a plus for other pet owners, so updating it makes sense. Updating the doors in your home can be done on a reasonable budget and within a short time frame, making it the perfect way to get the right kind of attention, and price, when selling your home.