5 Reasons To Choose HLP Klearfold Folding Carton Designs

Nowadays aesthetics play a very major role in brand building and triggering positive associations of people with a product and its appearance. This factor has contributed exponentially to making Aussies very peculiar over the product packaging. They are very considerate about the presentation of their product when it would come across a customer or a client. They want to ensure that its packaging could do justice to its quality, appearance and other important aspects of communication.

product packaging

Considering this, transparent plastic substrates are preferable options for many product manufacturers in Australia due to its user-friendliness and potential exposure to the brand image.

Such packaging options are being preferred over others, not because of the enhanced visibility factor rather they have their own set of compelling benefits for the seller, as given below:

Visualizing In Real Time

The major advantage of HLP Klearfold packaging is a consumer can see and visualize the product in real time instead of assessing it from a product image. This will give the consumer more confidence in its buying decision when he or she would be able to see the product in reality without having to compromise on its packaging standards.

Primary Design

When a product is packed in the opaque packaging, it gets difficult rather impossible for the consumer to see the primary design of the product e.g. a perfume bottle itself. He or she will have to take the leap of faith by satisfying themselves over the product image only. While on the other hand, the usage of transparent packing material has made it easier for the consumer to have the exposure of the primary design in a more realistic way to shun all of their doubts.

Feed The Decision Making

Another important benefit of clear packaging material is it does not only help you in assessing the quality and shape of the product but you can also see the colors being used, its height or size and other aspects as well to see if this falls under your expected purchase head or not. This exposed form of information gives a consumer more autonomy in the right decision making. Apart from that, you would also be able to see the promotional products or giveaways packed along the product to trigger the impulse buying.

High-Quality Vendor

Translucent packaging materials are one of the hardest ones to add fine finishing to or to print upon. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you are getting these jobs done by taking aboard a high-quality vendor in Australia as they know how to play with such materials with finesse and exquisiteness in order to give your brand a neat look that it deserves.

Attractive Gift Packing

Gifting items need to be packed attractively in order to lure customers or clients towards it. Clear plastic material folding cartons do this job impeccably. As a gift with a transparent lid looks more attractive and adds more to one’s convenience when it comes to visualizing the gifting items as well as in displaying it as compared to its opaqued or corrugated box counterpart.

There are two types of product categories which have been using HLP Klearfold packaging in Australia industry; one is cosmetics, grooming, skin care, hair care, and bath & body products while the second one is related to the electronics and the auxiliary products, a sure shot way show off the cutting edge technology in a clear plastic folding cartons or a transparent window packaging. These packaging works more efficiently for the tech products because the consumer can evaluate the size, wearability factor and shape of the product directly and hence, move one step closer to grab it off the shelf in this way. The visual experience gives a great amount of confidence to one over his or her decision making capability.

Though such packaging options seem to be very viable for a brand or product but at the same time, one must not compromise on its given budget limits for the sake of the aesthetics it gives to a product. Because cost matters, so opt out for those Klearfold options that could easily fall into your budget range instead of going for the folding options and other gimmicks within the packaging category.