Reality Escape: A Converted Loft Can Become the Retreat You Need

The daily grind can rob the joy out of life, and so it’s important for us to go to a place where we can recharge and get away for a while. Taking a vacation may be a very good stress reliever, but some people just don’t have the time or budget to do it.

converted loft

To help you relax after a day of chaos and stress, you need to come home to a place that you can consider as your own personal sanctuary. For this purpose, you might find the best solution by embarking on a loft conversion.

Things to Consider Before Converting the Loft

Before you start tearing down things and repurposing the loft, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The floor space should be large enough to handle the purpose that you have in mind.
  • Check if there are chimneys, pipes or tanks that may be standing in the way of creating the additional living space.
  • You may need to replace existing windows to allow more natural light to come in. That way, it creates an illusion of a bigger and more breathable space.
  • Assess if there is enough space for the staircase, and decide on the stair’s location based on this potential space constraint. Due to very limited space, some homeowners would use a detachable ladder instead of a fixed traditional staircase.

Converting the Loft as Your Secret Sanctuary

Repurposing the loft will enable you to use your creative mind to conjure up possible loft designs and decorations. Remember that the space that you may need for your new room may not be that big, and you would probably need only a few things inside the room to create a relaxing ambiance.

Here are some tips to design your loft so that you can find serenity and regain a sense of balance:

Use neutral or pastel colors to help calm the mind
Bright colors stimulate the brain and may not be the ideal hue on your room. Go for tame colors and pastel hues for a more relaxed feeling. As a general rule, though, whatever color makes you feel comfortable and relaxed will do.

Regulate the light inside the room

Too much light may hinder you from achieving a relaxed state. Use drapes or vertical blinds to control the amount of light coming in. You may also install lights that you can dim to your desired level of brightness.

Avoid too much clutter

You don’t need so much furniture inside the loft, especially if you’re using it for relaxation. A purposive table and a comfortable chair is enough. As an alternative, some people use room elements that would eliminate the need for a chair, say a carpet or yoga mat.

Depending on how you spend your day inside your relaxation room, you may put a lounge chair instead of a mat. If you prefer to read, then having a couch may be a better idea.

Put decorations that set the mood

For those who are into meditation or yoga, lighting scented candles can be calming. You may also place decorations that evoke peace and calm, such as a tabletop water fountain or plants.

When converting your loft into a place of serenity and calmness, there’s no need to overcomplicate the design. In other words, don’t stress out on planning your stress-relieving loft.

image source: pixabay