How to Build Teenagers Retreat

Parenting is hard especially if you are bringing up a teenager. Teen years are the most difficult and important stage of your children’s life as they undergo many developmental processes during these years. These physical and mental changes can result in excessive mood swings as well as bad behavior. Teenagers are rebellious and crave independence. It becomes hard for parents to properly monitor their teenage kid and keep them happy. But one thing that will ultimately make your teenage kid happy is independent residence otherwise known as a teenage retreat.

granny flat designs

If you are familiar with the concept of granny flats, then you must know about their benefits as well. Granny flats can serve as teenage retreat for your kid. This is your clue to build a granny flat in your home. Hire professionals and choose from numerous Classic Granny Flat designs Perth available in the market. You can consult your teenager about the design as well. Following are the essentials that a granny flat should have in order to satisfy your kid.

Size of the Granny Flat

You can attach the granny flats to the main house as well as build them separately on your property. Granny flats does not have very large size. A one bedroom apartment should do well for your teenager retreat. The professionals will help you find the best size for your granny flat according to the overall size of your house. According to state legislation, granny flats cannot exceed the size of 60 square meters and for a teenager a granny flat of about 30 square meters is enough.


Your kid will spend the most time in the lounge area, partying, entertaining or hanging out with friends. That is why, lounge will need the most consideration. Lounge is an open space separated by bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. You also need to pay specific attention to the décor and design of the lounge. It is better if you leave the décor to your kids so that they can personalize it according to their preference.


One bedroom granny flat should suffice for one kid but if you are planning on boarding two or more teenagers, then you will have to install two or three bedrooms in the granny flat. Girls prefer bedroom with walk-in closet and boys generally prefer studio rooms. If you include too many internal walls in the apartment, it can reduce the floor spacing and make it difficult to accommodate other rooms.


You should also install a small kitchen in the granny flat so that your kids can learn to cook for themselves. A kitchenette won’t require much space, just enough to shelve necessities.

Bathroom and Laundry

It goes without saying that the granny flat needs a bathroom but one mentionable thing is the laundry room. Teenagers should do their own laundry every week and having a laundry room will ensure that they make a habit of it. Kids will prefer their own laundry room instead of going back and forth across the main house to use the washing machine.