How To Achieve A Rustic Feel In Your Home

Just like any fashion, interior design trends come in and out of style regularly. Right now, we can’t get enough of rustic style designs. Earthy, rustic kitchens are all the rage, and they look fantastic when set against modern appliances. Achieving that homestead, organic feel is easier than you think too. There’s a simple balance to find here. Matching raw, earthy materials with deep textures is the key.

rustic kitchen

We spoke to a variety of top interior designers, and asked them how they achieve a rustic feel. In this post, we’ll pass on their wisdom and ideas for you to copy! Try some for yourself, and see how the concepts transform your property. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Highlight the organic elements
Rustic design is all about getting back to those raw, earthy materials. More importantly, you need to highlight the distressed and aging feel. That means choosing old wooden beams, and making them a key part of the room. When it comes to the walls, let the natural stone work take center stage. These raw materials are perfect for creating the homestead feel. As always, there’s a balance to be struck here. By all means, seek out the best distressed wood and stone, but make sure it’s safe and solid for the job.

Find rustic furniture and fittings
We often find that the trick to interior design is in the details. The broad strokes are easy. But, the real skill lies in finding all the right accessories and furniture. When looking for rustic items, flea markets and car-boot sales are a great place to start. You can also hunt down the vintage stores and charity shops. They’re full of quirky old furniture that embodies the rustic design. You can also install beautiful custom wood shutters to complete the look. We did, and it pulled the whole design together.

Embrace haphazard decoration
The key to rustic design is a calculated level of disorder! Mismatched accessories, clashing furniture, and haphazard decoration is fundamental. The trouble with rustic design, as we’ll keep coming back to, is getting the balance just right. Too much disorder and haphazard design will lead to a mess! You’ve got to get it just right. Purge your attic and cardboard boxes for old personal items here. Use pieces with character or personality.

Match it with modern design
If you push the rustic design too far, it will start to become counterproductive. The haphazard decorations will look messy. The distressed raw materials will look battered and ineffective. That’s why it works so well when you balance it with modern design. Offset the rustic features with a bold, silver fridge in the kitchen. Use some strong lines to give the rooms structure.

Lots of textures
Finally, finish every room with an abundance of textures. Layer up the rugs, blankets and cushions. Pile up the pillows to give depth to the design. It will also soften up some of those harsh raw elements we talked about.

It’s a tricky design to pull off, but it works wonders when you get it right! Focus on raw materials, and finish it all with decorative character. Good luck!

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