Bathrooms with minimalist touch

Simple lines and clean design are indispensable for today’s bathrooms. This kind of minimalist spaces helps achieve full amplitude, luminosity and elegance. Do you dare to make change?

bathroom minimalist touch

Minimalism has crept is the bathrooms of households to create a well designed room for comfort, functionality and relaxation. This requires choosing decorative items and furniture with straight and simple designs and light colors that convey freshness and clarity. Opt for example by putting a large mirror and a transparent glass screen to create the breadth and allow natural light to flood the entire stay.

We recommend also to choose bathroom furniture with simple lines, without curves and large drawers that allow you to save and sort properly all the accessories and own bath items. In this way only will be view small accessories, pleasing to the eye, as it can be a beautiful vase of flowers, a simple picture on the wall or some aromatic candles on a shelf.

Of course the color has a special role for this minimalist style. The light tones provide such aesthetics linked to the simplicity, elegance, freshness… So we encourage you to opt for plain white walls and tiles as well as neutral shades like beige and light gray appearance. The result is a space that conveys cleanliness, order and purity.

Light is also important in creating an environment marked by simplicity, another key element that should care. White light is the most recommended in this case, placing it in different strategic points.

You know, it’s important to take care of all the rooms in the house, according to the needs you have in each of them, especially in the bathrooms, a place designed to relax and be pampered.