Arrange the bathroom according to its needs

To be successful, the arrangement of a bathroom must balance the needs of its users and the existing space. Not so easy!

For the whole family
When you’re a young couple, there is baby that counts: obligatory bathtub and changing table. But when the children grow up, we need to live together without getting upset: young and old, boys and girls…

arrange bathroom

First, make sure to leave enough circulation space: no water of reduced depth, rather than pouring sliding door shower… See the different equipment on a plan, and make sure it adjoins intelligently.

Then why not consider several water points instead of one large compact? At the time of brushing, you’ll avoid the jam and disputes. Pay attention to the furniture-basin, often too large: choose the reduced depth with drawers instead of doors, and with a landscaped interior: if the hair dryer has a place, it will be quickly stored and immediately found.

For the shower, plan an airlock at the entrance of the cabin: equipped with a seat and a hook, it allows to hang clothes, wiping without wetting the floor of the bathroom and to get dressed sheltered from looks. Avoid transparency with a masonry cabin or opaque glass, so that the bathroom can remain open, so shared even when the shower is in use. Finally, plan a hook (and a towel) for each, and a small storage space for the toilet: box, bin, shelf, drawer…

An extra bathroom
When it is intended for friends, the extra bathroom must be thought of as in the hotel: classic ambiance with, instead of the furniture-basin, instead of vessel sink cabinet. More welcoming, it is equipped with one or two open shelves on which your guests can put their toilet kits.

In a bathroom for children, prefer a long cabinet equipped with as many drawers as there are children so that everyone can store their toiletries. According to the dimensions of the room, the furniture will be more or less profound, to preserve easy movement in space.

Of the shower, it must be closed, otherwise, beware of flooding! Attention also to the humidity which quickly damages the joints of the tiled surfaces.

A bathroom just by itself! When we can afford this luxury, the question arises of the opening of the chamber or maintaining true separation.

When room and bathroom are contiguous, reunite several advantages. The bathroom, often blind, can benefit from daylight, provided by the house. In addition, the open space looks larger and offers better design options. Finally, integrated into the room, the bathroom becomes a private territory.

However, we did not always want to expose to the eyes of others. Therefore, even open to the bedroom, the bathroom should remain a place dedicated to intimacy. It is therefore necessary to make a border or a separation between spaces.

One way to naturally privatize the bathroom from the rest of the house is to let access only by the room. So even without doors, privacy is assured. When bathroom and bedroom are one, the solution is to install the first behind the headboard to put it out of sight. One can also provide mobile separation, to choose according to the dimensions of the opening: curtain to be drawn, japanese panels, real door…

The decor, the spaces are open or closed, it is important to play the unity of style and room next to bathroom, to provide for neutral tones, left to bring color via the accessories and the bath linen.