6 Tips for a Long Distance Move

If you’re about to make a long distance house move, you need to read the following tips to help you out!

long distance move

1. Hire a Professional Movers
A lot of people decide to save money by doing the moving duties by themselves. But, believe me, that’s not a wise decision. It’s much more sensible to hire a team of professional movers who will be able to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently. This is especially important when you’re making a long distance move.

2. Get Rid of Old Stuff
When you are moving out, you should do everything you can to shed some possessions. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to pack up and move. It’s quite simple. So, have a look through what you have and throw away anything you don’t really want or need. It’ll make the process a lot easier for you.

3. Get As Much Help As You Can Find
Packing your stuff up always looks like less of a project than it turns out to be when you actually start. You need to get all hands to the pump if you’re going to get it done quickly. Rope in friends and family members who are willing to help you. You can bribe them with free food and drinks to keep them happy if you need to. And don’t be one of those people who are still packing things up on the day of the move. Get it done early to avoid catastrophe.

4. Organise Your Packing
Packing is all about organisation. It’s impossible to get it right and to know where all your stuff is if you don’t organise properly. There are lots of different organisational methods, and people often develop their own. But if you’re struggling to think about how to do it, just keep it simple. You could create a colour coding system using different stickers. So, if something is for the kitchen, it has a red sticker. Things from the bathroom have a blue one on the box, etc.

5. Prepare Emotionally
You might not realise it just yet, but moving to a new home in a new part of the world can actually be pretty upsetting. You’re leaving a chapter of your life behind you and moving on. You should prepare for the emotions you’ll feel as a result of this. It might be more difficult than you think. It’s huge step to take and it will make a big difference to your life. Be positive about it though, it’s not a bad thing. You could see it as a fresh start.

6. Unpack Quickly
There are two options for people moving to a new area. Firstly, you could buy a home in advance. This is a good option for people who have time to prepare for the move. But if it happens more quickly, you could stay in a hotel for a while and browse apartments when you get there. Either way, as soon as you’re in your new home, you should unpack as quickly as possible. There’s nothing worse than leaving boxes lying around the new home for months.

Long distance moves can be stressful, but these tips will make the process a lot smoother.

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