Touches of color in work space

Start a week and what better way to find new inspiring ideas to improve and cool our homes, not only transforming its aesthetics, as we can make them more convenience and comfort. Adding a new looks to a workspace at home, this time, with hints of color that bring joy, dynamics and personality to the environment.

color in work space

You’ll see in a few steps that can create a total change in the appearance of an office. With these proposals can be renewed interior, at the same time adding personal winks, an ideal choice to provide warmth of a workspace. Continue reading Touches of color in work space

How to gain storage space in the bathroom

Adding storage space in any room of the house is always an advantage, because thus we can have better organized an environment, achieving visual cleaning and when everything is in place will be able to reduce time in search for objects between mountains of disorder. Today’s proposal focuses on the bathroom, in a combination of aesthetics and functionality that supports different variations to personalize corners.

storage space in the bathroom

We can maximize the space on the walls, also in a bathroom, thus we can apply different options of furniture or other resources to use this area to organize the stay.

With a shelf, with cupboards, or high furniture we will manage to promote the surface that the walls offer, especially in case of narrow rooms. The shelves or shallow furniture are ideal, as remaining a minimum of space, not hinder movement while offering new spaces for storage. Continue reading How to gain storage space in the bathroom

Five simple tips for colorful lawn

One of the most desirable objectives in the gardens around the world is to have a green and shiny lawn. We explained below five simple tips for a perfect lawn.

care for lawn

The warm season is already in place and it’s time to enjoy the beautiful lawn. If you care for your lawn properly, it will be green and glossy at all times, and will definitely be the envy of the neighborhood. To help, we’ve created a list of important things to consider:

Regular lawn cutting is very important as it helps to thicken the grass. As for cutting technique: little and often is better than long and once. Change the direction and cutting pattern each time so that the roots of the grass are not pressed in the same direction. For each slice, the golden rule is to cut the stem about half or two-thirds, about 5 cm. In midsummer it is advisable to leave the grass a little longer, it will better withstand periods of drought. Continue reading Five simple tips for colorful lawn

Original and colorful lighting for kitchen

As in any other room of a house, kitchen lighting is very important. Furthermore thanks to the artifacts and varied lighting systems offered in the market today, it can create different environments and provide them with custom effects.

lighting for kitchen

In this variety of options we can choose light fixtures that fit any style of decor that we like, we can find pieces in different sizes, designs, materials, and colors. Also create a combination of lamps and sconces in an interior way to recreate a particular atmosphere through lighting. Continue reading Original and colorful lighting for kitchen

Decorate a corner with vintage inspiration

We bring you an ideal proposal renovates the kitchen, creating corners where you can print your personality; define a character to decor that gives life to a cozy, trendy and comfortable environment also.

vintage inspiration

In this case it comes to recreate a corner with vintage-inspiration, so we just need to change some elements of utensils that allow the air so special to have parts of other times, returning to receive a new opportunity of use within a contemporary home. Continue reading Decorate a corner with vintage inspiration

Tips for decorating with colors

The color is present in each of the rooms of a house, to a greater or lesser extent, and in each room can vary the chosen combinations, the number of colors, and is the color that you can get different effects in a space.

decorating with colors

For the decoration of houses and any interior, the colors become an important element, the influence on the design of each space and the people who inhabit it. The color choices will directly influence our mood; therefore, knowing tricks for decorating our house with colors, we can make the most of their abilities.

  • A general concept indicates that the ranges of colors are ideal for creating clear sense of spaciousness, and bring more light to an inner, since light colors allow light to reflect on them, expanding it to the rest of a stay.
  • Meanwhile the dark colors, have the opposite effect in home decorating, since it absorb light, creating cozy and intimate environments, and also give a visual effect of shrinking the space.

Continue reading Tips for decorating with colors

How to decorate a practical and unique home

Every time when we enter at home it is important to feel that we are comfortable with our surroundings, and in this sense we are referring to contemplate the spaces in a comprehensive manner, encompassing the physical as that which is intangible. Today we propose to create a cozy, practical home and measure of each family.

decorate unique home

There is now an easy and fast access to information of all kinds, when it comes to decorating and interior too, magazines, blogs, online stores, catalogs, mobile applications, software design and virtual manipulation colors in a room, the universe of large stores like Ikea, finally, a wealth of proposals. All this serves as inspiration when renew decorating or create a new space, but something very important is “customization” every corner and gives life and unique character. Continue reading How to decorate a practical and unique home

Kitchen in black and white with touches of color

With a practical distribution of furniture and a color scheme that is the balance in the black and white, this kitchen offers different areas and a modern and attractive look. It is a bright, airy environment, where the decor includes details that add character and functionality.

kitchen in black and white

The fitted kitchen has a modern, pure and simple design in absolute white lines, which is the contrast in the black. This color has been applied to countertops, shelves and sections of the walls, getting an interesting visual effect. Continue reading Kitchen in black and white with touches of color

HOW to decorate a dining trend

It is now easy to find houses and small apartments; therefore for each stay is functional and comfortable, the decor presents multiple alternatives and solutions. In this case, the kitchen is the protagonist of a trend setting and in it a small dining room merges with super attractive thoughts.

decorate dining trend

If the space of our kitchen is very tight to create a dining room, so it’s time to lend hand to the creativity and decorative solutions, to maximize every inch without losing style and personality.

This contemporary kitchen is integrated with dining room, which is provided on a corner of the room, so that the available space will make the most. This location allows moving easily around the kitchen, using only one corner will be perfect to place the furniture that creates a small area for meals. Continue reading HOW to decorate a dining trend

Organize and decorate shelves in the kitchen

With a touch of creativity, good ideas and even everyday items that perhaps already have at home, a kitchen corner that incorporates color and new textures enhance its beauty. We not only refer to an aesthetic appearance, as the functionality also adds to these decorative proposals that invite to organize and decorate.

decorate shelves in  kitchen

An open shelf is an alternative to endow a contemporary kitchen with a refreshing air.

Cabinets that integrate this environment can be updated with a few layers of paint, fresh and innovative colors, and even removing some of these furniture doors, this sector will become an open shelf, stop hovering a preferred collection,memories of family, or simply the crockery and utensils we use daily in our kitchen. Continue reading Organize and decorate shelves in the kitchen